Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LHAA's Jet Ranch Project, Cover Story of Magazine

LHAA's Jet Ranch is a “State of the Art” Aircraft Hangar built at the Carson City Airport.
Together with 12 smaller lease hangars this multi-million dollar project is a unique
structure meant to make a visual statement.
 “A $9.6 million runway project and completion of a Jet Ranch private aircraft
competitive 21st century airport.”
Sandi Hoover, Nevada Appeal
Targeting high-end aircraft and their owner, this facility offers amenities usually found in
Large City Airports and Conference Centers. Aircraft maintenance and storage as well as
office spaces and pilot lounges are incorporated into the facility. Conference areas with
digital media capability and security second to none. Aircraft Owners will be able to view
their planes and storage areas while monitoring temperature, lighting, sound, motion and
other variables from anywhere on the planet.

facility in 2009 have significantly bumped up the Carson City Airport’s status as a